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Sublime house and restrained techno straight from the Motor City. Detroit’s beatdown pro Delano Smit

Where the Windy City meets the Motor one, that’s where you will find Delano Smith. Born in Chicago and raised in Detroit, Smith combines all the virtues of the twin cities. Coming up in an era where the rules were not written yet, as well as being schooled by one of the greatest DJs Detroit has ever seen, Ken Collier, Delano doesn’t blur the lines between house and techno, for him they never existed. That’s why people like Jeff Mills and Chez Damier hold him equally in high regards. The same goes for his track record as a producer. Part of Detroit’s Beatdown group with Mike ‘Agent X’ and Norm Talley, Smith cut his producer’s teeth on Reggie Dokes’ Psychostasia imprint, founded Mixmode Recordings together with Tony Foster and released for Still Music and Sushitech. His album Twlight sees Smith deeper in the pocket than ever before, turning out a triple 12" pack of swirling synths over lean, dubbed-out techno aimed strictly for the floor. House music in its utmost and undiluted form: soulful and raw. It doesn’t get much more Detroit than this.

#analogroom #rbma #radio #delanosmith #detroit #motorcity #house #techno #sushitech #mixmode #underground

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