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Iranian DJ prodigy and Analog Room resident Salar Ansari serves up a set of underground house and ja

Salar Ansari is a multi-faceted producer, DJ, audio engineer, and trusted resident at the one true underground party of the Emirates, Analog Room. As a producer, Salar has honed his craft in various groups and constellations such as Machine Machine, as well as using solo monikers like Sansa and Melonman. Originally hailing from the Iranian capital of Teheran, Salar Ansari had already made a name for himself as a producer whizz kid before relocating to Dubai in order to conquer the rest of the Middle Eastern electronic Music scene. Still the youngest member of the extended Analog Room family, Salar Ansari is known to deliver a potent blend of house and techno stylings with a well-balanced mixture of technical precision and emotional peaks.

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