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Underground clubbing in Dubai – introducing Analog Room

Introducing ANALOG ROOM….

Promoter: Mehdi Ansari

Location: The Q Underground, Holiday Inn, Al Barsha (Thursdays) and Story Rooftop Lounge, Knowledge Village (Saturdays)

Launched: 2012

Frequency: Every Thursday and Saturday

Music policy: Quality underground electronic music

Biggest moment? “There are so many big moments and it’s hard to choose one. In two short years we’ve achieved much, as the representative of Dubai in underground electronic music industry. We’ve got our dedicated page on Red Bull Music Academy’s website next to the big names like Fabric, Robert Johnson, Plan B and Boiler Room, we launched Analog Room’s booking agency with legends like A Guy Called Gerald, Alexkid and Pier Bucci on our roster, and we’ve seen the Dubai underground electronic music scene taking shape with people becoming more educated.”

What sets it apart? “All we do is present quality music (and artists) from a high-end sound system without making any difference between poor and rich. We believe everyone should be treated the same and should feel the music the same. What really sets it apart from other events has to be answered by our fans.”

Describe your clubbers: “Lovely music lovers who only come for the music, the party and to dance.”

Tell us about your residents: “Machine Machine, (Mehdi Ansari b2b Salar Ansari). As the founder, chief promoter and one of the residents, Mehdi has been instrumental in breathing life to the electronic music scene in the Middle East. His Bachelor’s degree in audio engineering nicely compliments his vast experiences with and knowledge of music production, and he’s collaborated with artists such as Vakula, Pier Bucci, A Guy Called Gerald and his brother Salar, with whom he has the Machine Machine project. It’s through the efforts of Mehdi and his cohorts that the Analog Room family has managed to earn the respect and endorsements of some of the most influential figures in electronic music, including Delano Smith, A Guy Called Gerald, Move D and Moritz Von Oswald among others.

“Salar is a multi-faceted producer, DJ, audio engineer and trusted resident. As a producer, Salar has honed his craft in various groups and constellations such as Machine Machine, as well as using solo monikers like Sansa and Melonman. Originally hailing from the Iranian capital of Teheran, Salar had already made a name for himself as a producer whizz-kid before relocating to Dubai in order to conquer the rest of the Middle Eastern electronic music scene. Still the youngest member of the extended Analog Room family, Salar is known to deliver a potent blend of house and techno stylings with a well-balanced mixture of technical precision and emotional peaks.”

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