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Thump and vibe in a warrior style: New Jersey’s DJ Qu drops his unique take on deep, dark house musi

Despite the many incarnations that house music has had over the decades, few can claim to embody its spirit quite like DJ Qu. Getting a thorough schooling in New Jersey house music growing up dancing through the late 80s and early 90s, DJ Qu has absorbed and been absorbed by house music all his life. While not producing professionally until many years later, DJ Qu already had soaked up enough dance music culture to instinctively catch a vibe. He began his label Strength Music as an outlet for his tracks, and developed his own darkly-tinged deep house sound. Hypnotic tracks like Repozitioned Souls and Secret Place, and his long-player Gymnastics have brought him the respect and recognition of music lovers and peers around the world, from Underground Quality’s Jus-Ed, to Mike Huckaby, Levon Vincent and Joey Anderson. Meanwhile DJ Qu keeps steadily doing his thing, beyond trends and seasons, retaining the values of the original house music ethos.

Photo by Sophia Drevenstam

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