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Aquatic grooves from the deep: Moscow's underground house authority Anton Zap captured live in t

Moscow-born and raised producer Anton Zap has been causing a storm with his waves of deep house and aquatic electronics ever since his first couple of releases back in 2007. With music production and DJing a constant from an early age, it was only a matter of time before his explorative sound spread beyond the Russian capital, and it was his second release on deep house staple Underground Quality, and his tag-team 12" with DJ Jus-Ed Real House Music… that really marked him out as an an intuitive producer with a knack for that submarine sensibility. Tracks like Captain Storm, Classic Duband I Get Deep demonstrated a keen ear for dubby, hypnotic atmospheres and loose grooves that ooze a certain Russian poetry. With his own Ethereal Sound label, he found an outlet for his own artistic vision, and spent the best part of 2010 and 2011 firing out a series of reverb-drenched dancefloor torpedoes. But whether on his own imprint or guesting on labels like Voodoo Down and Terpsiton, Anton Zap has created a unique space for his dreamy soundscapes and 3am rhythms.

#moscow #russia #etherealsound #uq #undergroundquality #rbma #analogroom #underground #house #radio

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