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Dasha Rush, Analog Room, The Q, Al Barsha

A good teacher is one who both makes the lesson fun but also instills what they convey without the student even realising. With this in mind, Dasha Rush delivered an absolute master class in techno and in DJing.

Covering a broad spectrum from minimal, abstract Berlin stuff to Millsian pounders, the serene Russian was composed and confident as she pushed and pushed in whatever direction she was going at the time. When critical mass was met and it felt like it couldn’t go any further, on came the release valve that would offer respite from the onslaught.

The crowd’s reaction to this? Total euphoria. The symbiosis of DJ and crowd, the call and response of energy and jubilance, culminated in a full and extremely happy dance floor right up to when the lights went on. The real bench mark for Dubai clubbing is currently being set in a dark basement in Al Barsha.

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