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One year of Analog Room

With the best underground weekly night turning one on November 28, we caught up with promoter and resident DJ Mehdi Ansari to find out more

Congrats on the 1st birthday – what have been the highlights? Since we start, so many good things have happened to us. Most important was to see how interested people are in quality underground music. Having RBMA Radio covering our artists many times and being the first party to be able to get international residents like Delano Smith, Alexkidd, Tobias and Guillaume & The Coutu Dumont are some of the highlights. And when did you first realise that the night was going to be a success? We always believed in what we are doing and knew there is audience for it but after a couple of months it started to be known. Media, labels and people started to talk about it and RBMA Radio became our official Partner showing us that we are on the right track. Who does the bookings, and how do you decide who to bring? All the bookings has to pass the Analog Room team filter. There are meetings between me, Salar and Siamak to decide but majority of the job has been done with our director and bookings Siamak Amidi. Who's playing on the birthday night? Move D is the one who played for Analog Room's Launch party so he will be back to give the birthday more meaning. Mr. G is a legend and our surprise for Analog Roomers as the second international live act to make the anniversary even more special.

And how important are your residents to what you do? It is same as how important our bookings are. What Analog Room is basically is our residents and the fact that we are having international residents shows that how important this is for us. Giving opportunity to the locals to present themselves through a decent source and having the experience of playing alongside big names in the industry is creating a passion for the local scene to get better and more passionate about their dreams. If people haven't been before, what should they expect from the night? A place to party and get surprised with hearing great music, a great sound system all with the people who are all there for the same reason. Analog Room 1st Birthday feat. Move D and Mr G, Thursday November 28, The Q Underground, Holiday Inn Barsha, 10pm-3am

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